Myth Corporation was established with the aim of spreading the play and win logic in the game world. In the games we will develop, the players will regain some of the time and money they spend and earn additional income if they want, as well as the good time they spend.

Although gamers spend billions of dollars on the game world today, the return to the players is very low. We foresee that this situation will change in the coming years and the industry will develop with a play-and-win mentality. That’s why we want to take our place in the sector as soon as possible and strengthen our place with the games we will develop.

For this reason, we want to establish an ecosystem that will enable players to both enjoy playing games and earn money by associating our games with the Myth Token we will create.

We intend to support this ecosystem with other products that we will develop.

All it takes to become an investor is to play games😊



Our heroes who want to become legends in Myth of Dungeons need to improve themselves and earn fame and money.  They will be able to achieve this by sending their characters to dungeons as PvP duels or PvE.  Our heroes will find new ways to earn money and make new friends in future versions of the game.

We plan to integrate the ecosystem we will establish with the games we will develop.  Thus, we want to develop a system where our players can both become investors and turn the time they spend on the game into money.

The game earned by the players will be converted into Myth Tokens, and the Game Pool will be supported by in-game purchases.  Thus, while increasing the number of our investors, Myth Token will be strengthened.

With the NFT Marketplace, which will be activated in the later stages of the game, we will enable our players to sell the characters they have developed with special skins in our NFT market.  In this way, we will create an opportunity for our players to earn extra income.

To support Myth Token, Myth Chart and Myth Wallet products will also be launched and will benefit both in terms of advertising and awareness.

In order to facilitate swap transactions, swap transactions will be opened first on our site and then on Myth Wallet.

We will update our website and whitepaper as our products develop.


Token Info

Name: Myth Token

Sembol: MYTH

Network: Binance Smart Chain Network – BEP20

Decimal: 9

Contract: 0x73a2a0fc691819e82aa4b3addac71252933400e1


Buy & Sell : % 11

Auto LP: 3% of the tax collected in each transaction will be added to the liquid pool again. This feature automatically increases the liquidity pool, improves price stability and allows for larger token trading volumes.

Reflection: 2% of the tax collected on each transaction will be distributed to our investors holding tokens. Static rewarding of investors holding tokens.

BuyBack: When the market sells 2% of the tax charged on every transaction made, the transaction fees are used to repurchase and burn the tokens. These purchases not only add more value (BNB) to the liquidity pool, but also limit the total circulating token supply, causing the price to skyrocket and prevent large drops.

TaxFee: 4% of the tax collected in each transaction will be used to develop our products, to advertise our tokens and products, and to increase investors.

Max Wallet 1%: The maximum supply percentage that a wallet can hold. You don’t want someone to just hoard all of your tokens, therefore putting a limit on how much a wallet can hold is essential. This is Anti-Whale mechanics.

Myth Token liquid pool will remain locked for one year. (Certificate)

Supply Tokenomics

Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion ( MYTH)

MTYH per BNB: 500 Billion (500.000.000.000 MYTH)

10% Burned

30% Game Pool: The pool where the rewards of our players will be distributed.

15% Development: The pool to be used to build and develop our products

10% Marketing & Community Pool: The pool to be used for advertising, promotion, marketing and increasing our investors.

15% Private Sale: Sale made before the Pancake Swap goes on sale.

20% General Sale: The pool to be sold in the pancake swap.



–          Web Site launch

–          Myth Token launch

–          Whitepaper prepare

–          Build Community

–          Create Social Media Accounts

–          Apply to CMC & CG

–          Start Marketing & Advertisement Plans


–          Start listing Exchanges

–          Start Chart View(MythChart.io) Development

–          Start Game(Myth of Dungeons) Development

–          Launch Swap on Website

–          Upgrade Website

–          Continue Marketing & Advertisement Plans


–          Launch Chart View(MythChart.io)

–          Testing & Finalize Game(Myth of Dungeons)

–          Start Game Marketing & Advertisement

–          *Upgrade All Products

–          Continue Listing Exchanges


–          Launch Game(Myth of Dungeons)

–          Start Development Game(Myth of Dungeons) V2 (Crafting)

–          Start Development MythWallet

–          *Upgrade All Products

–          Continue Listing Exchanges

–          Continue Marketing & Advertisement Plans


–          Testing & Finalize Game(Myth of Dungeons) V2

–          Testing & Finalize MythWallet

–          Start New Products Marketing & Advertisement

–          *Upgrade All Products

–          Continue Listing Exchanges

–          Continue Marketing & Advertisement Plans


–          Launch Game(Myth of Dungeons) V2

–          Launch MythWallet

–          Start Development Game(Myth of Dungeons) V3 (Farming)

         Start Development NFT Market

–          Start Listing Top Exchanges

–          *Upgrade All Products


–          Testing & Finalize Game(Myth of Dungeons) V3

         Testing & Finalize NFT Market

–          Start Research New Games

–          *Upgrade All Products

–          Continue Listing Exchanges

–          Continue Marketing & Advertisement Plans


–          Launch Game(Myth of Dungeons) V3

–          Launch NFT Market

–          Start Research New Products

–          Start development New Game

–          *Upgrade All Products

–          Continue Listing Exchanges

–          Continue Marketing & Advertisement Plans


–          Continue New Products

–          *Upgrade All Products

–          Continue Listing Exchanges

–          Continue Marketing & Advertisement Plans

*Updates will be made if necessary.



Upload your Trust Wallet and Metamask wallet and create yourself a wallet for the app you downloaded.  Don’t forget the 12 word wallet code you created while creating your wallet, or you will not be able to access your wallet again.  If you have metamak installed, you need to add Smart Binance network to your wallet.  

If you don’t know how to add, this link will help you.  (https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain)


Buy Smart Chain BNB to the wallet you created or send Smart Chain BNB to your wallet from any exchange.  If you are sending BNB make sure your network is BEP20.


Open your internet browser on your phone or computer and connect to https://pancakeswap.finance/.  Complete the wallet binding process at this address.  If you are using a Trust wallet, selecting Trust Wallet directly when connecting the wallet does not work.

Click to “Wallet Connect” and select trust wallet then select.  If you are an Android user, you can also perform transactions from the dapp browser in Trust wallet.


Click trade after PancakesSwap is connected;  On the swap screen that opens, change the token at the bottom and find and select the Myth Token from the searches.  You can use the token contrat address when searching.  Enter the amount you want to buy in BNB or Myth tokens and complete the transaction.  You may need to keep the Slippage Tolerance between 11-13 in your swap settings while performing the transaction.  You can now take your place among our investors and you will continue to earn as long as you hold the tokens.

Step 5:

Don’t forget to add the token to your wallet to enter the Myth tokens you bought in your wallet.  You can use our contrat address to add tokens.

WhitePaper V1.0.1

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