Our aim is to increase the value of Myth Token in the ecosystem that we will create with our products to be produced and developed, and to ensure that our investors and players gain profit.



Our wallet application will be available on mobile. With this application, you will be able to control your crypto investments and make Myth Token swap transactions with a single application from your phone.

In this way, Myth Token, which can be managed from a single place, can reach inexperienced investors more easily. It will also facilitate the transactions of our own investors.

NFT Market

We will allow our players to sell the characters they develop in our NFT market with special skins for them.
In this way, we will create an opportunity for our players to earn extra income.


BSC with Myth chart! You will be able to instantly follow the price changes of cryptocurrencies in the network in certain time periods.

You can use it for free or we will bring additional features to our investors who hold Myth Tokens in their wallets, depending on the amount they hold. In this way, privileges will be given to our investors and new investors will be targeted.


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