Myth Corp

What is Myth Corp?

Myth Corporation was established with the aim of spreading the play and win logic in the game world. In the games we will develop, the players will regain some of the time and money they spend and earn additional income if they want, as well as the good time they spend.

Although gamers spend billions of dollars on the game world today, the return to the players is very low. We foresee that this situation will change in the coming years and the industry will develop with a play-and-win mentality. That’s why we want to take our place in the sector as soon as possible and strengthen our place with the games we will develop.

For this reason, we want to establish an ecosystem that will enable players to both enjoy playing games and earn money by associating our games with the Myth Token we will create.

We intend to support this ecosystem with other products that we will develop.

All it takes to become an investor is to play games😊

Our aim is to increase the value of Myth Token in the ecosystem that we will create with our products to be produced and developed, and to ensure that our investors and players gain profit.

If you want to join this journey with us

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